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HQ fosters inclusive communities of entrepreneurs through shared workspace
creating lasting economic and social impact in the world.


We curate adaptable environments that inspire your work, your team, and your clients


We foster a diverse network of innovators, business leaders, and change-makers


We balance profit and purpose with sustainability and responsibility by using our B Corp values
as a force for good—for our people and your bottom line


We catalyze meaningful social and business advancement in North Carolina

HQ At A Glance

Our Culture

  • This weeks #fridayintroduction is our fierce and magic making Director of Development Christie Williams (@whatswilliams). She is our literal superwomen and master of all things HQ. She has been with us through a lot and we are beyond thankful for her hardwork and dedication to the growth of our company. Christie is your go to gal for finding the perfect office suite or location to grow your business. Her work, however, doesn't stop when she walks out of work... she is also an amazing mom, encourager, wedding planner, and badass person all the way around. So if you haven't had the chance to get to know Christie make sure to say hi the next time you see her in one of our spaces.
  • Happy Friday! Cheers to the end of another week and a warm cup of coffee ☕️
  • This week we've been further exploring how women are making an impact within our HQ spaces and beyond. Earlier this week we introduced Brittany from Divine Hearts CPR LLC and today we wanted to share the story of Women's Theatre Festival and their latest workshop held at HQ@Warehouse. Read more about the WTF purpose and their work in our latest blog post!
  • Our last panel was one for the books for sure! We are excited to be bringing back our regular schedule Community Events this fall and would love to know what topics you’d like to see covered next 🙌 Let us know below!
  • We don't know about you, but we are bending our way into the rest of this week! Sometimes its a little bit of a "stretch", but we always seem to make it to the weekend. .

Special thanks to Pravacana Mats (@expressyourinneryogi )and Andrew Katz (@andrewkatznola)for this rad picture in front of our HQ Warehouse location!
  • Have you had a chance to stop by the NC State Entrepreneurship Clinic recently? Home to a variety of NC State management and entrepreneurship courses, this space is also the perfect place to check out available programs and resources to help grow your business.

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Homayoon Ershadi

“It’s difficult to put value on a community or network, but the people that I have gotten a chance to meet through my time at HQ have opened doors that I never knew existed. Even though my team is spread out across the state and I can easily work from home, I choose to drive 30 minutes to HQ so I can take advantage of all the resources available and test out ideas/prototypes with other creative entrepreneurs.”

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Mike Doyle

“I’ve been working out of HQ for over 3 years and love it. The staff is super friendly, I have access to phone booths for calls when I don’t want to annoy people, the conference rooms are easy to book, and the events they put on are fantastic. Not only is this a place where I can take a break from the isolation of working from home but it’s the perfect spot to network with other solopreneurs who I can spit ball ideas with.”

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DeShawn Brown

“HQ Raleigh has been amazing for me because it truly brings the entrepreneurial community together. For me, being an entrepreneur out of NC State, HQ allowed me to kick-start my business and get the necessary connections and resources to grow my company. They are always willing to help their members succeed however they can.”

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Robyn Keys

“Being and entrepreneur is like learning to ride a bike, and once you’ve mastered the skill, you need to learn how to drive a car… and the next day it’s a plane, and the next day it’s a rocket ship. Being part of the HQ community not only makes me feel like I’m around like minded individuals, but also that I’m surrounded by people who have already learned how to ride that bike, or could teach me how to fly that plane, and would even help me fly that rocket ship if I needed.It’s is more than just a place to work from and make great connections though, it’s an environment and a culture that fosters communal thinking, developmental learning, resource sharing, and even great friendships.”

Our Locations


310 S. Harrington Street
Raleigh, NC 27603

Hours 24/7

[email protected]

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Capital Club

16 W. Martin St
Raleigh, NC 27603

Hours 9-5

[email protected]

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Centennial Campus

1017 Main Campus Dr
Raleigh NC 27606

Hours 9-5

[email protected]

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HQ Greensboro

111 W. Lewis St
Greensboro, NC 27406

Hours 9-5

[email protected]

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