You know us, we love a good story to tell. So why stop now? This blog post is dedicated to families out there putting in the work to grow a business without losing the aspect of family in success. Our team has a special place in our hearts for family run business, which is why we chose Alpaca Chicken to help us out at our November Community Lunch. Also, November is focused around community and the things we are thankful for so in the spirit of that we are sharing a little bit about this mission driven team! 


Who is the Alpaca Team?

“Alpaca Chicken is a family owned and operated business since 2006 with current locations in Raleigh, Durham, Cary & Sanford, North Carolina. Our specialty is our signature Peruvian “Pollo a la Brasa” style Rotisserie Chicken, marinated and slow cooked over natural wood charcoal in our signature custom-made rotisserie oven”

Their upper management (the ownership team) is comprised of Ruby Bakhshi, her husband Geraldo, brother Ranbir, and his wife Laura. But the ALPACA TEAM is everyone that works hard in their stores every day; they are all a family. They have 6 locations with each one having their GM and management team as well as about 150 staff members. 


What is The Alpaca Chicken Mission?

At Alpaca they not only put you first, they use only All-Natural Chickens free of any added hormones and free of any FDA allergens.They work hard to be a quick alternative to the basic fast food chains that do not always use the best ingredients for our health.

“Our mission is to exceed each guest’s expectations through genuine service and food quality. To be trendsetting leaders bringing an unforgettable experience to every guest while integrating our culture and diversity within our food. “

Working alongside family 

Every day we hear entrepreneurs talk about the ever challenging work-life balance. But what happens when your work and your home life are deeply intertwined?

Owner Ruby Bakhshi and her husband say its “Complex to say the least. They think everyone expects this answer. A family dynamic is super hard to navigate, let alone in the workplace. It makes it easier when everyone breaks off to be responsible for one area and
allow themselves to be held accountable. Easier said than done; but we have to separate work from family when it comes to running the company; and everyone has to be on board.” 


What lessons can be learned?

“Learn about yourself and your team. No one is perfect, utilize people for what they can contribute best. Ask for help. Just because you own a business doesn’t mean you know everything or have all the experience. Hire people who are smarter than you; who can coach you and who you can learn from. Don’t lose trust in people even when someone gives you a reason to. “

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves. As our team works like a family it can be difficult to remember that everybody works a little differently and we should take the time to create an environment that makes all feel excited to do the work we do. Skills can ultimately be taught, but passion and motivation can not be. 


The ultimate goal?

As any business would,  the Alpaca team hesitated to answer this question because honestly what is the ultimate goal when you begin growing your business. For an entrepreneurial community like ours we tend to get wrapped up in just making it to the next step. So it can be hard to remember exactly where we are going, but one thing is for sure we ALWAYS hold close to our hearts why we began. 

We absolutely loved the answer that Ruby gave us because it showcased the true joy of small business. Each step gets a little bit harder and we get a little more experienced so it all comes together in the end. Join us as we take Ruby’s advice and just stay grateful for where we are today! 

“This is the question that I can never answer. As a company, we should probably know the answer to this question. I’m just grateful for where we are today.”

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