Welcome to HQ@Centennial

The past few weeks for the HQ Community have been full of excitement and growth. From opening two spaces to welcoming new members, and watching local businesses thrive, our innovative hearts are full! We know everyone hasn’t been able to attend each event so we wanted to take a moment to recap our grand opening of HQ@Centennial.

The event was held on August 29 in collaboration with the NC State Garage Program. Our teams welcomed over 400 attendees to check out the new HQ space and the Garage, and network with other like-minded entrepreneurs. Both NC State and HQ Raleigh were excited to share our vision for the space and the opportunities it will bring for both students and HQ members.

What is HQ@Centennial like?

For HQ Raleigh members, the space on Centennial Campus includes the basic HQ necessities such as a full kitchen with coffee, WiFi, various meeting rooms, and open co-working spaces. This unique space, however, also provides access to Hunt Library, an on campus gym, local parks, and access to the brand new innovative Garage space! The Garage provides access to 3-D printers, laser cutters, seeing machines, and various wood working tools to help bring prototypes to life. 

Where Do Students Fit in at HQ@Centennial?

For students this space is the perfect place to see real businesses make their mark. It is also an amazing opportunity for the students to get involved and put their new knowledge to work with real world applications. Within the wall of HQ@Centennial the students have the equal perks as HQ members, so they can be found working alongside seasoned business professionals daily!

How Do I Find My Spot at HQ@Centennial?

The Garage and access to NC State amenities are perks that no other HQ space has, but every HQ member can utilize. So if you weren’t able to make it out to our grand opening, but would still like to learn more about this space you can reach out to christie@hqraleigh.com to schedule a tour or feel free to stop by and see the culture for yourself! It without a doubt, great things will be created out of the space and we can’t wait to watch it happen. Want to know more about pricing and availability of our close knit raleigh office space check it out here!