As summer is coming to a close we are excited to reflect upon the past few months and everything they have brought our community! So in this part of the summer intern “Get To Know You” series, we are catching you up on the different opportunities and people these bright minds are meeting daily. We still have a few weeks left with our four seasonal interns and our team is excited to see what they have in store for us.

  This week we are getting to know Ashton Wilkins! 

Who are you, where are you from, and a little about your schooling.

“Hello HQ Community!  As you may know, my name is Ashton Wilkins, and I live about 30 minutes from Raleigh in the Mcgee’s Crossroads/Benson area. Currently, I am a Campbell University business student studying Healthcare Management with a double major in Marketing and a minor in Health Communications. #rollhumps! From promoting the business school to snapping pictures and writing copy for the yearbook, I am heavily involved in the community created at Campbell.”


What brought you to HQ? 

“Through my involvement at Campbell, I was able to visit HQ in the spring of this year where I fell in love with the community created here. I had heard about the space from peers who had a class here and from a friend who worked there part-time. Campbell has an annual business week in the spring and visiting HQ was one of the events for the week, so I jumped on the opportunity to visit the place I’d heard so much about. As soon as I walked into the building, I felt a sense of community and vibrant energy, practically pouring out of the space. I knew HQ was the place for me. Even nearing the end of my time here, the energy in this space is still so captivating that I don’t want to leave!” 


In your time what is the most valuable thing you’ve learned? 

“As I reflect on my time here, I realize all the valuable lessons I’ve learned that I can apply to future endeavors. One of the most significant lessons that I have learned is the space that exists in the business/entrepreneurship world to balance profit and purpose in accordance with the B-Corp initiative. This initiative has emphasized that businesses can use their companies as catalysts for change in the world, in contrast to a common stereotype that business men and women are only focused on “making the buck.” Composting and recycling instead of just throwing all garbage to waste is a prime example of a simple step businesses can take to catalyze the necessary change. Business, change-making, environment-friendly mindness, and community focus are not and do not have to be separate entities.


Another lesson I have learned while at HQ is to use my resources. HQ offers so many resources to its staff and its members. Whether it’s people or software of some type, it all exists for a reason, so why not use what’s available? I have learned it shows a lot of strength and maturity in not being afraid to take advantage of one’s resources and asking for help when necessary. “


Who is the most influential person you have met?

“It is incredibly hard to choose the most influential person I’ve met, for I’ve connected with so many impactful people. However, if I had to choose, Seton Amick would be the most influential person I have met. Over the past few weeks, I have been able to chat with Seton at Capital Club and learn more about him and how he got to work with Whitehat AI. I must say, I am highly impressed with his journey. He started out in college as an English major and is now the Chief Marketing Officer and Co-Founder for a tech company! His story is truly inspiring. From casual conversation to deeper conversation about life, I have been able to learn so much from Seton.”