The whole purpose behind our “Building Space for Impact” campaign is to tell the type of stories that make you laugh, cry, and cheer on your neighbor. So in this blog post we wanted to introduce to you the founders of UpliftNow, a free barter marketplace and community development nonprofit. Uniquely their story that is fueled by passion, in more ways than one! 

Tony and Trish Holden are the Co-founders of this amazing organization and are what we believe is the perfect example of how HQ and its members are “Building Space for Community”

Prior to launching UpliftNow earlier this year, Tony had spent his career as a serial entrepreneur, having been involved in 58 startups over a 40-year span, including three for-profit barter exchanges. His partner in crime Trish had recently retired from a successful career in IT and Brand Licensing with John Deere. 

Their story is one of love and enterprise! Tony moved from Charlotte to Raleigh 2 and a half years ago and met Trish, a Greensboro native, in April of 2018. She had “winked” at him on and it was the beginning of a true match of the heart, mind and spirit! Tony talked Trish into marrying him, (they were married May 19th of this year), and out of retirement, to start their nonprofit, UpliftNow! 

When asked about their time at HQ within the community they replied “We’re very excited to fully engage with the HQ Community. It’s the ideal place for us to make connections with startup and seasoned entrepreneurs, collaborate and truly create something great together”, says Trish and Tony. 

They are building space for community within UpliftNow and HQ Raleigh by offering a free barter marketplace to all members of the HQ community. This serves as a platform for individuals, businesses, community nonprofits, and charitable organizations to unite their resources to uplift all. 

“Our hope and expectation is that as HQ members join and participate in UpliftNow, they will see it as a great way to expand their marketing, build new relationships, generate more sales. While also contributing to the development of the nonprofit sector locally and globally, all without using cash!” This community uses its own value system called ‘Trade Tokens’, which is how members buy and sell with one another.

UpliftNow is the first and ONLY free barter marketplace in the world, that is focused on helping entrepreneurs channel additional resources to the nonprofit and charitable communities. We all want to give more, but do not always have to money or services to just give freely. UpliftNow is solving this issue by providing a vehicle for everyone to give more, without tapping their bank account. 

To them it’s all about being apart of the changemaker community. They believe that being a changemaker means that you are observant of the world, the people and systems that surround us and impact each of us, and more importantly they care enough to improve those things for the benefit of all people.

“A Changemaker seeks ways to use the talents and abilities they have and the resources available to them and takes action to add value and make a positive impact. They think and live outside of any boxes. This is the heart of social entrepreneurship, and this spirit is alive and well at HQ! UpliftNow is honored to be part of it.”

To learn more about this duo and their company feel free to check out their website here!