If you missed the first blog of our summer intern “Get To Know You” series, let’s catch you up!  The HQ community has been blessed with four extremely talented interns over the past two months and we wanted to give them the opportunity to share what they have learned so far!  The community has had a blast getting to know these interns and now it is your turn.

This week we are getting to know Ruthie Brady! 

Tell us about yourself

My name is Ruthie Brady and I am from Beaufort, N.C. (a beach girl through and
through). I attended high school at Saint Mary’s School in Raleigh and I am currently a rising
Senior at UNC Chapel Hill. I’m majoring in International Politics and Social Movements with a
minor in Entrepreneurship (which I love).


What brought you to HQ? 

My love for the entrepreneurial spirit led me to HQ! The internship was promoted in one
of my Entrepreneurship minor classes and I was immediately intrigued. It is such a cool experience to be
surrounded by people who are so passionate about what they do and truly put their heart and
soul into their product or business. It is inspiring.


What is the most valuable thing you’ve learned in your time ? 

I have learned the true power of coworking. In college, we have been taught of the negatives associated with
coworking. “You won’t learn it for yourself!” “Someone will take more than they give!” At HQ
Raleigh, I have learned to dispute these narratives. Coworking and collaboration creates more
than just a product, it creates and opportunity for learning and growth. In life or in any business
venture, different perspectives are imperative. Instead of downplaying the idea of coworking, the
joining of people and ideas should be celebrated. Rome wasn’t built in one day, and it definitely
wasn’t built by one company.


Who is the most influential person you have met?

I’m so easily influenced and inspired that I can whole-heartedly say that each and every
person that I’ve made a connection with has influenced me in some way (Yes, if you’ve spoken
to me at HQ you’ve probably influenced my life. Crazy.)

That being said, Robyn Keys, owner and operator of Pravacana Mats (@expressyourinneryogi), inspires me everyday – and I doubt she has the slightest idea. As a strong woman in the workplace, Robyn has
never missed a beat. While she is friendly to everyone she comes in contact with, she holds
herself to the most bad-ass standards and operates on a “no days off/Play like a champion”
mindset. I am inspired by her powerful womanhood and how when things do not go her way, the
show must go on. I am inspired by how Robyn lives her passion of bringing people together with
the growing culture of yoga. I will never forget how Robyn drives a motorcycle to work and
stomps around HQ like she owns the place, yet she practices mindfulness in everything that she


What Advice Do You Have for Future Interns? 

Seek out your own opportunities! Some of the best advice that Jess Porta gave us
during an early intern meeting was to take what YOU want out of this internship. If you’re into
sports, find a way to develop an HQ team! If you’re into people to people relations, find a way to
make your mark on our monthly HQ Happy Hours! When interning for a great company, I think we often get wrapped up in really sticking with the company’s status quo. We want to be the
best intern by keeping things in order and doing exactly as we are told, however at HQ, I found
this to be an amazing space to make your own impact. Interns are so important and can add a
lot to a company! Make sure to make your true colors shine and add your own little zest during
your time at HQ Raleigh.