In this new blog series we are taking you behind the scenes of our 2019 Summer Intern Cohort. This group of students have been learning and growing within our HQ locations for the past few weeks. They have been developing a deeper understanding of what it takes to be an entrepreneur and work alongside others to make an impact. The HQ Community has had a blast getting to know these interns and now it is your turn.

This week we are getting to know Christy Capps

Tell us about yourself

Hello my name is Christy Capps. I am from Goldsboro NC. I am a rising senior at Meredith College. I will be graduating May 2020 with a bachelors in Business Administration. 


What brought you to HQ? 

I was looking for summer internships and Meredith has a business club. One of our professors wrote an email about HQ and the internship and I was very interested. I applied and here I am 🙂 The HQ community is amazing and I’m so grateful to work in such an inspiring and motivating atmosphere everyday. 


What is the most valuable thing you’ve learned in your time ? 

I have already learned so much just being at HQ since May. I think the most valuable thing I have learned at HQ so far is different software systems. One of my learning goals for coming into the internship was to become more familiar with software and business apps. HQ, is very connected in technology and use many different softwares such as coworks, slack, gather, canva, and excel. Being able to say I’ve used these softwares to create different campaigns, documents, and graphic design material is something that will benefit me post-graduation. I’ve also been able to start my own campaigns and plan different events. I planned the Barista Day Campaign where members can come to the cafe two days a week and get to know the staff of HQ over a latte! I am also currently planning a business card graphic design event where members can come and get on site help from a graphic designer to create a new updated business card. HQ puts a lot of trust in their interns and lets us do many activities and projects that keeps us busy and learning! 


Who is the most influential person you have met?

I have met so many people and different companies interning at HQ. One person who has been learning my story and helping me throughout the internship is Matt Sellers. He works for Fourscore Business Law at the Capital Club location. I began talking to him one day when I asked him if he enjoyed Business Law. I took this course as an undergraduate last semester and loved it! So, this has been something I’ve considered doing after graduation. After thinking about law school for a few more weeks, I decided to sign up for the LSAT just to see where it goes. I take this in two weeks and as most people would be I am very nervous. Matt reached out to me about the LSAT and has been giving me many tips on how to prepare and what resources I should use. I also sat down with him and another lawyer and expressed all of my concerns about law school and they talked through them with me and told me their story.  It was really nice being able to sit down with HQ members and hear their story. I’m continuing to meet so many people and network.


What Advice Do You Have for Future Interns? 

To the future interns, make the most out of this internship. You are in an amazing work environment with many great people and companies. Try and network as much as you can, take advantage of office hours, listening to panels, and being involved with community activities.