You may have wondered about the story behind our newest brand messaging: “Building Space For Impact”.  Sure we all know that every once in a while we need a brand refresh, but this time around, we knew it was for more than just marketing. As we have watched Raleigh grow over the past decade we have been nothing less than amazed at the impact entrepreneurs have had on this community. It’s no surprise that recent press releases have put Raleigh in the Top 5 Cities for Startups and even named our buzzing community as the Third top place to work in tech. This is huge news for our local techies and showed promise for many concepts being built within HQ.

How are we building space for impact? 

After talking to members and partners in our community, it became clear that our purpose was to help build an environment where companies can connect, grow their business, and contribute to the great community, i.e. Building Space for Impact! 

We intend to do this:
BY creating a purpose driven, professional community
THROUGH space, resources, and connections designed to help businesses succeed.                                                                          
FOR entrepreneurial-minded changemakers and growing companies
TO empower positive change and generate economic growth

We wanted to be more than a stepping stone for entrepreneurs and instead create a community that you never have to leave. In order to do this the reality was that we would have to find a way to build space for our growing teams to establish a more permanent residence. This was a much needed move with teams growing to 30+ team members, such as our member companies 15FiveReal Magic, Clipper Data, and Public Input.

What are we BUILDING space for … 

So by the end of 2019 we are excited to open not one, but two new HQ spaces. In July, our second location in partnership with North Carolina State University’s Entrepreneurship Program  on NC State’s Centennial Campus will open its doors. This High Bay space will be directly connected to the E-Garage and provide direct access to University resources. Later this Fall, our other new location, Gateway Plaza will open, creating a new hub for entrepreneurial growth and community gathering. This space will feature some of our largest offices, while providing close proximity to child care and dining. Both spaces will be included for our current community members and will welcome opportunities for incoming startups looking to make Raleigh their permanent home. 

In addition, to building new spaces, we also developed plans to expand the locations we already call home. So throughout the past weeks our spaces have seen new amenities, revamped coffee, new furniture, and a bigger focus on bringing in the necessary resources for building impact and growth. Our team is working to make the member journey meaningful from space orientation, to the first round of funding, and beyond. Also, with some of the most recent changes we are working to incorporate products our members have launched including the Coworks App by Lithios, Jabin Beverage Company’s Apple Cider Vinegar based beverage, and Protopia’s AI powered question resolution technology. 


Our plans, however, do not stop with simply rethinking how we as a company create community impact. We plan to spend the coming months learning more about our members and the ways we can help them build an impact of their own. More importantly we plan to utilize our talented team to find ways HQ can partner with neighboring companies to build a brighter future together.  There is a lot to look forward to when it comes to the future of Raleigh, but we are confident that it looks better with you in it.