Everyone, welcome Brandon Stevens to the HQ Capital Club neighborhood! Brandon is the CEO for Alliance Source Group/ Daitah.

Think you can guess the celebrity he chose to work with? Keep reading!

Please give us your elevator speech: Our team focuses on quality of hire, time to hire, and cost to hire to help companies with talent acquisition and talent retention. We use a proprietary artificial intelligence software system called Daitah to identify, engage, screen and present top talent to our partners.

How did your company get started? We saw a need to change how clients and candidates interact and discover each other, and wanted to make that process cleaner and more efficient.

What do you love about the HQ Capital Club space? The core team, the environment, the focus on collaboration and community.

What role has HQ Community played in your personal/professional growth? The HQ Community has allowed us to interact with multiple startups, and learn from their passion and experiences.

Who would be your dream office neighbor? Hard working, collaborative, intuitive, always smiling, and always willing to give advice.

If you could work in the Capital Club building with any celebrity, who would it be? Will Ferrell

What tv show best describes your company’s work-style? And why? (Ex: The Office, Parks and Rec, Workaholics, etc.) All of the above. I don’t watch a lot of TV, but a combination of comedy, thriller, suspense, etc would best describe our team!