This cheerful face welcomes us as we arrive in the morning, as she has already been working for a couple hours!  She has her Not Just Coffee latte in hand and is dressed to the nines every day.  Lisa is an inspiring individual, and we are honored to share a little more about her with you!   

Tell us about yourself!

Lisa went to school at Lehigh University studying Bioengineering and later completed her Masters at the University of Pennsylvania studying to commercialize medical devices.   

What is your company all about?

Lisa actually started her own business called Kemo Sabe in which she partners with multiple clients to utilize new technology that helps prevent further injuries.  One of her many clients in UNYQ, which she is working with out of HQ Charlotte to help grow their Charlotte location.  

UNYQ is a company committed to making creative covers for prosthetics.   “[UNYQ] is taking style to stigma… integrating design to [make] fashionable bracing.”  The people at UNYQ want these braces and prosthetics covers to be something the users are proud of.  UNYQ wants users not to hide their needs, but to “enable their ability, to feel empowered, to reflect their personality.”

What/who inspired you to choose the path that you chose?

“My dad used to take me to his lab and I would look into the microscopes, but I didn’t really see anything.  Bones you can see.”  Lisa understands that of which she can see, relating to her engineering background.  

“[In school] as an engineer, I didn’t relate to bridges or roads, but I did relate to orthopedics and medicine.”  Lisa learned to apply those same principles to the body and achieve the same things.  So she made the best of both worlds and decided to combine the medical field with the business/corporate field.  This entrepreneurial woman quickly found out that she could be a big influencer amongst leading medical surgeons in the world.   

What does being part of a community mean to you?  

“We all need our networks to survive and thrive.”  Lisa expresses that HQ Charlotte is great because it has very many avenues in culture, finance, entrepreneurial, and even a big advantage in startups.  “It’s nice to bring all those together to move those together, fluidly.”   

What do you think makes Charlotte such a great place to grow your business?

“Great location- great talent pool.”  Lisa realized that most large trauma centers and health care providers lie on the East Coast, making the state of North Carolina a great place, in general, to start a business in the medical field.  Additionally, she expressed that most of UNYQ’s business comes from the East Coast as well.  Lisa mentioned the lower cost of living, central location, and quality and standard of life is all great- making Charlotte a perfect place to grow a business in.  She also added that there’s great weather, great coffee, and great things to do on the weekend!  

What is one piece of advice would you give to emerging entrepreneurs

“Well… a couple of things!”  

“Know what success looks like.  Be able to define what success looks like for you.”  Lisa expresses the importance of knowing what your success is supposed to look like because if you can’t realize what that looks like, you may end up spending more time than necessary getting there.   

“Know what makes you great.  What gives you value.”  Knowing what unique value you bring to the table is important not just in an interview, but in life knowing what you want to do and where you want to go. “If you can’t state that, you need to keep thinking.”   


  • Not Just Coffee order
    • Caramel latte with an extra shot.   
  • Go-to stress reliever
    • Walking outside.    
  • Least favorite food
    • Negroni.  Looks pretty but tastes like gasoline.  And meatloaf.
  • One movie you have seen more than 5 times
    • Amelie.   It’s French.  It’s great.