Everyone, welcome Erica Preo to the HQ Capital Club neighborhood! Erica has started up a luxury level brand of accessories for dogs which her beautiful furry friend, Stella, is showing off.

Keep reading to find out if you have the qualities of her “dream office neighbor”.

Please give us your elevator pitch.

Pantofola is a luxury level brand of accessories for dogs and their owners with all production taking place in northern Italy, and we donate 20% from every purchase to smaller dog rescue organizations and initiatives. It’s the Robin Hood business model.

How did your company get started?

After quite a few years as a Senior Graphic Designer working on high end and luxury brands in San Francisco, I started wondering if there was something I could start of my own. On a photo shoot trip to Italy one summer I the idea came to me that I could create a line combining things I love: dogs, design and Italian craftsmanship. And Pantofola was born.





What do you love about the HQ Capital Club space?

So many things! The history, the interior, high ceilings, natural light, rooftop lounge, the bar, everything. And I’m pretty sure every time I come into the office it’s going to feel like a little chunk of San Francisco smack dab in the middle of downtown Raleigh.

What role has HQ Community played in your personal/professional growth?

I’m a very new HQ member, but already I’ve met so many great people and attended fantastic events. I’m looking forward to meeting and contributing to the community, not only for Pantofola but for graphic design work as well, I’m doing both on the 10th floor.

Who would be your dream office neighbor?

A person with a drinks trolley, equipped with a cocktail shaker, blue cheese stuffed olives and some Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong. Or maybe I can be that person!

If you could work in the Capital Club with any celebrity, who would it be?

Andy Cohen, because I think he makes everything fun. Also, he’s crazy for his dog Wacha who was adopted from a high kill shelter in West Virginia.

What tv show best describes your companies work-style? And why? 

Tricky question because I work solo these days, but I’d say a Seinfeld experience would describe what I’m used to although it’s not an office-themed show. Lots of humor, inside jokes, nicknames, knowing a bit too much about each other and bad dancing.